Born into a family that was sensitive to art, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to become familiar with European, Oriental and South American art from an early age.

This developed three driving forces that have accompanied me all my life: a taste for art, the pleasure of collecting and a desire to share my collections. This philosophy is at the heart of the Foundation. There is no greater prospect than to submit one’s choices to the appreciation of others, to enable others to discover and admire unique works of art that are brought together in a continual aesthetic and intellectual quest.

Art is not only the crystallization of an historic moment. It is also a vector of dialogue between civilizations and a testament to the genius of the human spirit. This universal language encourages tolerance and mutual understanding between peoples. If these collections make it possible for people of different origins to see themselves in each other’s traditions and contribute to allowing them to live in harmony, then the quest will not have been in vain.

I thank all those around me, my family and my staff, for helping me to pursue this goal.

Jean Claude Gandur